The Mission

The Mission of SpokesDog is to promote dog issues and adoption through social media using an animated dog as an advocate.   Our vision is to see a day when all dogs have a home.  We believe the potential to do so exists.   Millions know the addition of a dog(s) have enriched their lives.  Dogs have proven to have an increasingly affect on the health of individuals.  Many proven health benefits include helping to reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and even help with depression.


How to Achieve Our Mission

There are many organizations in agreement with our mission of increasing adoption and promoting positive dog issues.   We, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit,  support them and hope to join in the effort.   We hope to spread our mission using our spokesdog, Luckee Straye, as our advocate.  Luckee was created based on a real dog’s story from stray to transforming a family.  (See his story on this page.)  SpokesDog hopes through our “Luckee’s Friends” (See this section) program to spread our message throughout social media as an advocate for ways to enhance adoption and improvement in the lives of these companion animals.

Purpose of Website

The SpokesDog website is the hub of our mission.  It is the home office so to speak.  The website is the origination of the current messages put forth on social media.   Messages we hope produces a motivation for more people to get involved with helping to increase adoption.  The website also includes links to adoption centers, links to dog information and issues, and links to inspirational stories about our canine friends.