As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, SpokesDog’s mission is to promote dog issues and adoption through social media using an animated dog (named Luckee) as an advocate.

When shelters are mostly filled, there is often euthanasia… too many dogs that enter a shelter never come out.

Our hope at SpokesDog is that if we notify our followers about important issues and immediate adoption crises, we can help make a difference.  We are supporting shelters where adoptions are urgently needed and threatening the lives of many dogs that are at risk in these shelters.  At any given time, there are more people looking to adopt than there are dogs being euthanized.  They just don’t know about each other!

The purpose of notifying our followers of these situations is to expand the possibility that you or someone in your social circle might be interested in adopting or might know of someone interested.  The more people know about a dog that desperately needs to be adopted to save its’ life, the better chance of that happening.  We will also be promoting an array of dog-related issues.

Becoming a “Luckee Friend” is simply a way Is a way in which we can keep you in the loop about issues and notify you of our upcoming efforts where you can help by sharing our videos and information with your social media followers.   

Please sign up below.  We do not sell email addresses.  Thank you for helping!