Luckee Straye, below, introduces “Pudge”

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A note from the foster: “Pudge is such a sweet girl! She is so affectionate and is happy just to sit next you with her head on your lap. Of course, she loves to have her shoulders, back and belly rubbed while she’s there. Pudge is housebroken, extremely well-behaved and takes direction well. She walks nicely on a leash (but would love to have a yard or opportunities to be free from the leash) and readily follows commands, especially when rewarded with her favorite pupperoni treats! Pudge is very fond of people but displays anxiety around other dogs and appears to be best suited for a household where she can be “top (and only) dog”. While I haven’t witnessed such interactions personally, I anticipate that, due to her gentle and patient nature, Pudge would be great with children.”

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